Pinterest Activities

There are many awesome activities you can do with the class using Pinterest, in addition to many exciting worksheets and project ideas that can be found.

First, I recommend just typing “classroom activities” into the search bar. I did this and was shocked at some of the awesome links and ideas that came up. Here are some awesome ones I found :

  1. I found this “first five minutes of class” activity post that discusses ways to engage/interact students in the first five minutes of class. Check out the link below ! It involves rearranging desks, telling students to clear their desks, asking thought provoking questions and playing a game! Check out the attached link to the article! Opening Class Activities
  2. I also found an article for ideas on first day of class activities that looked like a great way to get to know your students. In this article they talk about having kids make groups by criteria given by the teacher, name and ball game, cross the line game, truth vs lie and many more. Click the link for more details about these ideas! Getting to know your students
  3. When searching for classroom activities, I found this other blog that had an article addressing classroom climate and included a lesson plan for eliminating “meanness” from the classroom. This was wonderful! Eliminating Meanness

In addition to these ideas, there are also worksheets available for more specific content areas. Attached is a grammar lesson article that walks you through how to improve students writing through working on their sentence structure. Lessons like this are also available for math, science, and social studies. Grammar Lesson Ideas.


Students can also use Pinterest for projects. Below are some cool project ideas:

  1. Students can take a central concept being developed in class and make a board or several boards about it, including information on the subject or more abstract ideas about the concept, such as pictures or quotes.
  2. Students can use Pinterest as an idea generator for poster ideas or research papers, helping them to brainstorm topics, ideas, or designs.
  3. Students can use Pinterest to connect ideas from class to the world by searching for current events, much like a newspaper.

There is so many activities on Pinterest for classroom activities and climate ! Such a great site!ruler2.png



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